Raising Rent

So, what do you do when your rent has gone up?! What springs to mind first isn’t worth a blog post. Example;

1. Angrily phone your Mum to vent your anger and let them know you’re angry, then hang up and phone someone else to vent your anger and let them know you’re angry, and so on. It’s okay, I have 500 free minutes, and clearly I only phone people if I’m angry.

2. Try to calculate in your mind how you’re going to pay the extra money, then realise your maths is awful, and get flustered. Though, now the anger has changed to frustration towards your lack of maths ability, which is almost positive.

3. Dramatically fall to the floor in tears.

See? Useless. Not only do they make me feel worse but they don’t solve anything. (Seriously though, you are a mean old landlord to put up someone’s rent in December)

Noooww, some positivity, because at the end of the day there are worse things in the world. I’m alive. (Ahaha, the way I wrote that makes it seem like that’s the worse thing, that I’m alive. It amuses me so I’m keeping it in.) When ever I’m in a situation where I’m so angry or emotional that I want to stand on Mount Everest and scream my lungs empty, I tell myself ‘but I’m alive’, and it calms me down. Also, for the moment, I have a roof over my head.
If you’re in a similar situation, I’m sorry. It can be scary.

Solution time. But first, here’s a photo of my rabbit to brighten the mood.

Aww, so cute, all my worries have disappeared.

Unfortunately my boyfriend won’t allow me to be a hooker, so that idea is crossed off my list. I joke.

I assume you don’t spend a lot of money on luxury’s to be in this situation, otherwise gurl, what you doing?? That’s number one on your list.

What’s your biggest spends? Example, your travel to work, or electric bill?
Try to cut these down if possible. Do you need your heating on all the time? Come on, being down to Earth and saving money is so in right now.. And you could buy some fabulous blankets to have on your sofa. A bargain fabulous blanket of course!! Ohh, all the cool kids will be talking about you!.. What cool kids? Sorry, there’s only one – YOU! (what the hell am I on about?)

The travel to work is a sticky situation as the houses closer to your work may be more expensive, but if your travel is so expensive maybe you could spend more on rent and still save on travel.. Ahh, maths, my brain.. Luckily it would be cheaper for us to move, so that is something we have to consider.

Now that your house is like a freezer, and the bargain blanket that you bought from Primark isn’t doing it’s job, do your housework. That sounds extremely boring, but housework honestly warms you up. Washing the dishes in hot water, walking back and forth with a vacuum, scrubbing a toilet – sounds like a party to me!!

After I cook the dinner I always leave the oven door open till it’s cold again. It’s wasted heat otherwise.

Instead of buying things new, have a look in a charity shop and transform them into something else. I do this, and I think maybe I would do this even if I had lots of money because I find it so much fun. I recently bought a big wooden mirror for £6 – I will post another blog to show what I do to it.

I have made over £150 at car boot sales.

My best friend recommends signing up to http://www.moneysavingexpert.co.uk. They tell you the latest discounts going on, if energy prices are going up and where the best prices for suppliers are to be found. Thanks, I will do that. She’s such a babe.

Go eat at other peoples houses! It’s genius. You save and don’t have to cook! Yay for being poor!

Start an etsy account. Etsy account you say, funny you should ask. From Miles With Love are fantastic I hear… … …

Most of all, try not to fall in. It can be overwhelming, scary, frustrating and you can get completely lost with worry. Just don’t loose sight of yourself, okay? Do all you can, but make sure you keep on the track you want to be on. You are still you, still aim for your dreams. Because there ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough… I completely made that up myself.

Over and out, Emily x


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