Storage Without Spending

Jars can be wonderful storage – once cleaned, obviously. I like to use them with everyday items that I have lots of, such as make-up brushes, paint brushes, pens, and nail varnishes, but the list is endless. You could even re-use them to store food, if you’re into making your own jams and stuff, or rice, or sweets. You could make snow globes, candle holders, oh my God you could do ANYTHING!.. I believe in you.. But I won’t be doing ‘anything’, all I need is some storage.

My lids aren’t pretty – I don’t particularly want ‘Dolmio’ to represent my nail varnishes. I like pasta, but not that much. So I took a quick trip to my nearest DIY store and took a few free samples of wallpaper. I wanted bright colours, but I suppose people don’t really want those sorts of colours on their walls :(, but doesn’t matter, seeing as it was free I can’t really complain. This is what I did.



I cut a square in the wallpaper. You can be really particular in deciding how to position it, but I’m a bit more of a free spirit I suppose. I used this decoupage glue to stick the lid to the paper, but I’m sure you could use PVA or even a hot glue gun – the wallpaper is thick and is meant to be covered in glue, so it won’t seep through. There were some ridges on all my lids, so I had to make sure not to push down into them, because very much like wallpapering a wall, it could go uneven and create bubbles.

Then I cut around the lid, making sure there was enough room to cover the sides, and cut lots of little slits. After that I painted glue around the sides and carefully flapped the slits one over the other, and as my glue dries clear I painted a very thin coat around the edge, just to keep it in place.


I like to organise them into brands rather than colours or seasons. I decorated them with bits of ribbon and twine I had and made little labels. I have three other jars too – it’s good to like colours.. I tell myself every time I buy another varnish.

Another quick DIY here;


As I was cooking the labels off lots of wine bottles (not all mine!) (not that it matters) I was admiring these two wine bottles – aren’t they stunning! I think these were from Christmas as my uncle had some expensive wine, and they look like they were expensive, don’t they? Even their wine labels were stunning. The glue used for most wine labels never dries (which is why you have to cook it off), so I started to wrap string around it and it stuck, without me adding any more glue. And I think they are very pretty indeed.
I like to change things up around the house, so it may not stay here, it may move, or I may throw them away. But it doesn’t matter when it’s free, that’s the beauty in it. In my opinion anyway.

Over and out, Emily x


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