Toddler Christmas Crafting

IMG_0606 2

Speaking as an aunty, and a lover of crafting, it is a great feeling when the two are brought together. Not a room full of aunties crafting, I mean creating and crafting with the toddler. And throw Christmas in the mix too and it’s pure magic and excitement!

This is the first post of a ‘Toddler Crafting’ series on this blog, and we start with these hanging stars. The little man in my life is only 18 months old, so he isn’t that capable, nor too interested, but is that going to stop me? So of course it’s very simple, and it’s the adults job of creating something from their art.IMG_0574 1 4

The most important part is to let the toddler go to town on the card. Keep encouraging more paint, more paint, more paint! Like a mad scientist. It’s cool, children don’t judge.

And then it comes to a point when the painting is over and done with, off on to the next task for him, and it’s your job of creating it into something for him to admire.

IMG_0580 2

Next I used my star cutter, but you could easily just cut out shapes yourself. I arranged them out onto a table and sewed them together with gold metallic thread, creating a hoop at the top and a knot at the bottom. The card I used is fairly thick so when it’s hanging the stars stay where they are, but you could use some clear tape over the thread on the back to keep them in place.

IMG_0622 2

Experiment away with shapes and combinations!

They’re great to hang near a window so the sunlight glints off the glitter. Or near a door so they twirl in the wind. And the enjoyment from the toddler as they twirl or shine tops it all off.

IMG_0614 2

IMG_0628 2Over and out, Emily x


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