DIY Handprint Christmas Wreath

IMG_0771 1

For my next DIY project I decided to make two Christmas wreaths for indoors – one for adults and one for toddlers. Today I will show you how I made my toddler version, though could also be for kids. Or adults.. I don’t know what you’re in to. I’m all right with it though. Yeah.. Let’s get started!

IMG_0688 2Supplies;

– Non metallic wrapping paper
– Polystyrene wreath
– Green paint
– Clear drying glue
– Brown tissue paper
– Large ribbon and a smaller ribbon
– Hot glue gun
– Paint brush
– A bauble/bells

Step one; First I tore the wrapping paper into squares, big enough for the hand prints to fit in. You could have the toddler print straight onto the wreath, but it was too risky, I knew there would be a few rubbish prints, and my little man would be tempted to play with the wet paint with his other hand.

I decided that on the final product I wanted all the hearts to face up right, or near enough, so when doing each hand print I moved the wrapping paper clock wise.

Side note: the reason I decided to use wrapping paper was because of how cheap it is. I was going to use decoupage paper with a pattern on, pretty similar to the paper I chose, but it was £3 for 3 small sheets, and no room for messing up. The wrapping paper was £3 for a few metres.

Step two; I ripped the wrapping paper in random shapes and used clear drying glue to stick it to the wreath. I kept the hearts one way once again.

IMG_0689 1

Step three; I laid out the hand prints around the dried wreath before sticking them on just so I knew where they were going. As you can see not all of the hearts are the right way up, I’m okay with that. That may or may not be because I messed up when printing with little man. Next I tore around the hand prints and glued them on top with the glue.

IMG_0695 1

Step four; I waited for it to be completely dry before covering the whole wreath with glue to harden it and to be shiny.

IMG_0696 1

IMG_0699 1

Step five; If you would like to cover the back, even though it won’t be seen, I recommend covering it with glue and placing a single sheet of tissue paper onto it. Once it’s dry it’s easy to tear off the edges.

Step six; Lastly I made a big bow with the larger ribbon and stuck it into place with the hot glue gun. Then I made a smaller bow with the other ribbon and glued that on top. I chose a simple brown one, with flecks of gold, to match the paper and a red and green candy cane type one to stand out over the top.
If, like me, you are using a Christmas wreath holder, you can use it as a hook to hold your bauble. If not you could glue it to the back of the wreath and it’ll hang the same. I recommend buying a bauble with bells so it jingles when you open the door, which my little man loves.

And voilà!




Over and out, Emily x


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