Personalized Envelope To Santa


When I think back to when I was younger and wrote my letters to Santa, I’m not too sure where they went… At the time I knew they went to Santa, but with hindsight I’m not sure how he got them… Did my Mum post them? I can’t remember. Knowing who I was I definitely put them in an envelope and pestered Mum to give it to him.

I’m a sucker for Christmas traditions, and although I haven’t got any children of my own I thought I would share this idea I had, and will use in the future. Far future.. Let’s not get into that debate. I thought wouldn’t it be great to have a ‘magical’ home made envelope for the child to pop their Christmas list in, and it can sit on the fire place, or wherever Santa enters your home. So, I made one for myself. Tehe.


Step one; On a piece of white felt write your message with a red pen. The pen won’t be seen in the end so don’t worry. Next you use your red wool and stitch over the words. I used a simple back stitch, but chain stitch would look good, or any others. Go crazy.

envelope Step two; This is the time when you decorate if you want to. I had no idea what I wanted, so I just experimented till I came out with something I liked. I didn’t want anything typical, so I made some stars out of yellow felt and did a few cross stitches here and there. I also didn’t do it all at this stage, but at the end when it is harder. I recommend trying to make up your mind at this stage.


Step three; With your scissors, straight edge or zigzag, cut out your envelope flap from the red felt. As the red felt is the same size as the white pieces you don’t need to measure it out, just cut a curved flap, as long or short as you want. You need to fix it to the back of the piece you’ve sown onto, so it folds to the other side. You can either use a hot glue gun like I did, or fix it in place with pins, or clear drying glue.


Step four; Next use the red wool to do a blanket stitch around the edge to secure it all together. If you only pinned the flap to the envelope this is where you sew it together. I sewed it together even though I glued it, just because it looks better. I also sewed at the top of the back sheet of felt.


Step five; Sew a loop into the red felt, and a button onto the white so it can close.

And your new Christmas tradition for your kids is born! I would have loved this as a child. Santa is magic so of course he would have still read it.

envelope envelope envelope

Over and out, Emily x


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