Quick DIY Wreath


After my toddler wreath I got started on my adult version. I dived in not knowing what I wanted other than for it to be a quick DIY job, and messy. I just wanted it to be random and I’m stoked with the final product!

materialAll I used for this project was a polystyrene wreath, scraps of material and pins.

As I sew anyway I’m always inclined to keep old clothes or random scraps of material for the possibility of using it in the future, so rummaging through these bags of material that my boyfriend wishes I didn’t own, I chose reds and creams and cut them into strips.

I started with tying large pieces of material to the wreath, trying to cover most of the polystyrene, and letting the knots show. Then using smaller pieces and ribbons I covered the gaps and any white bits. I used pins for the pieces I didn’t want to knot. As it is a polystyrene wreath you can push the pins in and they stay secure and safe. I also added some random bows around the sides and pinned a big bow on the top that was left over from a few Christmases ago.




wreathOver and out, Emily x


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