Easy Clay Star Baubles


I do have a habit of seeing decorations I like in the shops and coming home and recreating them. This is one of those times. Guilty. As soon as I saw them I was inspired, I went straight out to buy white air drying clay and got to work. Here’s what I did.

1. First I rolled the clay out onto a plastic surface. I wasn’t technical at all, it’s not my style, but I made sure to keep it a few millimetres thick so it keeps its shape easier, and doesn’t go flimsy. Next I used a star cutter big enough to stamp on.


2. I used my lower letter stamps to spell out ‘wish’. I made sure they were clean! Imagine a perfect white star with a little bit of black ink in random places. No thank you. Just no. I made a small hole for hanging and I let them dry on plastic for 24 hours.



I also made a white star garland with smaller stars.

3. Next I threaded red ribbon through the hole I made, and they were ready for hanging!



Oh I love them, I’m allowed to say that about something I’ve made can’t I? They will definitely be on my tree year after year.

Another idea, instead of baubles, why not use them as present tags, and even stamp the persons name into it? Ahh yes, I could spend all my time making things and forget to buy any presents! It’s fine, they will have a lovely looking tag…

Over and out, Emily x


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