New Tradition: Christmas Book


I remember my Mum being a little reluctant when I used to come home from my Nan’s with another ‘Christmas thing’ I had made. As encouraging as she is, the thought to her of finding a place for that craft item after Christmas was a bit overwhelming (.. is that the word?) ‘more stuff’ she would say.

I don’t say this negatively, it inspired me to put together a scrap book for the little man in my life. I thought, wouldn’t it be great to decorate the outside of a scrap book each Christmas (maybe even each season) and once the celebrations are over and the decorations are coming down any crafts made could be stuck in (obviously not anything 3D) and also all Christmas photos can go in there, as we all forget to print them nowadays, and their Christmas cards. I doubt I will do anything but stick them all in there and write a few comments (example: You cried your heart out when you met Santa!) This isn’t an on going project that I’m talking about, as much as I love on going projects, I don’t want any weight on my shoulders. Just a quick and easy scrap book that I can throw together each year, filled with memories.

So this is the design I went for this year.

hand prints

I started off with printing with the toddler, green foot prints, for the ‘tree’, and yellow hand prints for the ‘star’. I did a few for back up, but any extras will be stuck into the book.


I had a pad of Christmas papers, so I tried out the different patterns, and played around with the layout before sticking it down.


I love crafting with my toddler, so much. It amazes me when he complies rather than messes around and eat the paint like I expect of an active little man. It warms my heart when I see his fascination at what we are doing. I have to remind myself that this is the first few times that he has done anything with paint, or crafting, so it is all new, and new is fun and exciting. Which in turn makes me excited to fill this book up for him.

hand book


I love this new tradition!

Over and out, Emily x


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