Adding Little Things To The Christmas Dining Table

be merry

For me, and I assume most other people, it’s the little things that make moments special. The things that aren’t really noticed or appreciated. They’re almost ignored, to the point when you think ‘why hasn’t anyone pointed this out’, but subliminally it’s burnt into their brain to create the cherry on top of the cake. Like, imagine visiting your Grandparents and not seeing the old nicknack’s on the shelve. Or seeing Santa but not in his grotto surrounded by presents or elf’s or all things cute, but in an empty shed, sitting on a plastic picnic chair. Why is Santa in a shed you ask, I’m not quite sure, ask him yourself, but you get the idea. It’s all about the atmosphere, and how to add it to subliminally to make the day just a little bit more special. Today I will show you two easy table decorations that I have used and you could use for the Christmas dinner table – wine necklaces and Santa napkin holders.

IMG_0935 1

I haven’t seen wine necklaces in real life, maybe it isn’t an English thing. It does seem a little bit douchy, but I wanted to be that person. Everything good about Christmas is obnoxious though so whatever (I just search ‘obnoxious’ in Urban Dictionary and it says ‘the kind of people u wanna shoot in the head…’ haha yeah).

stampsI used the same wooden discs as my antique style baubles, and stained them as I explained in the post. I really like the light stain so I wanted to use the technique again. I drew around the disc onto card and stamped the message I wanted onto the card (the reason ‘eat’ and ‘merry’ have green ink over the blue was because I wanted to re stamp it, and I could have started again, but then the other words may not have been where I wanted them to be. I don’t know, I may or may not recommend stamping over what you’ve stamped already..)

eat drink  and be merry

I cut out the stamped words using a craft knife, not very carefully unfortunately, I blame the Baileys. Wow, drinking and playing with knifes? No no, I wasn’t drunk, but as soon as I have a sip I relax and think ‘yeah, that’ll do.’

I held the card up to the light and taped the wooden disc to the back. Next I used my sliver metallic spray (it isn’t Christmas until you use sliver or gold spray), and in a ventilated area sprayed over the words. Once it dried I used a silver glitter paint and painted a few coats around the edge, and used my finger to drag it into the middle. I then used my hot glue gun to stick a silver elastic ribbon to the back. And it was done!

IMG_0885 7 IMG_0886 6

It’s always important to encourage to eat, drink and be merry, just in case they forget.

IMG_0934 1

I first made these Santa napkin holders when I was twelve or maybe even younger. This is one of the originals I made that my Mum has kept all these years. It’s made out of paper, and when it wasn’t flattened it stood up just as well as these new ones I made, and obviously were made a lot quicker so if you are stuck for time I recommend paper. But.. look at that face, I could never beat that.

IMG_0922 1These renovated Santa napkins are made out of white faux fur and googly eyes. I cut each beard to a similar shape as before and used the hot glue gun to stick the eyes in place and then the long pieces together. I was surprised the hot glue gun didn’t melt the eyes, I took a risk but it worked out well. I also had to make sure to cut off any extra material as it is a lot heavier than paper.

IMG_0931 1

I opened it up so it was like a cone, folded the bottom under, then plopped it down onto the table without much thought, so it would keep a more natural shape.

IMG_0949 1

They’re mental, I like mental.

Another idea that I have also done for a Christmas meal – instead of having place cards, I bought everyone a Christmas chocolate that was associated to them. So for my older sister I bought a One Direction Chocolate bar, her boyfriend had something Star Wars, my older brother had something Marvel and my Mum an owl (not that she actually likes them, just a private joke). I didn’t have to write anyone’s name down, they knew which one was theirs.

Over and out, Emily x


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