A Completely White Room

IMG_0962 1I think I’m more a night owl than an insomniac. Hmm.. possibly a vampire? Not by choice. Though I am not sure when my trouble started because there was a time, when I was really young, when I used to send myself to bed. That’s a story I like to hear my parents tell – as my older brother and sister would be begging to stay up late, even though they were falling asleep on their feet, I was like ‘right, I’m tired now, goodnight.’

As I became a teenager I remember having more and more trouble falling asleep at night. I used to get bad back, or headaches, I don’t know. Actually, in my 11 year old diary many entries were written past midnight. All day I can procrastinate and be mind numb. As soon as it becomes dark my mind sparks up and I can’t stop thinking. Ideas after ideas, plans, stories, and unfortunately anxiety. Real bad anxiety. Night after night. It gets really tiring. I’m so bored with it. Sleeping is so important, it effects everything.

This is where the revelation comes. At Christmas I was with the boyfriends family up North, and we stayed in a loft conversion. The room was nearly finished, just carpet, plastering and painting to go. It was a completely white room, no furniture, no distractions and a skylight with no curtain or blind that had a clear view of the sky. I haven’t slept that well in a long time. I still wasn’t a morning person (unlike the rest of the boyfriends family), but I went to sleep at an almost normal time. And each day I felt a lot better than I would have with my usual sleeping schedule.

An old project of my teenage bedroom before I moved out. All photos are on my flickr.

This has changed me. It may sound stupid to say, but I have always been against completely white walls. Probably because that is what my Mum has always preached, so my teenage room was a headache of stuff and things that I loved. And at 23 years old I have now decided to stop with this idea of covering the place I sleep with my possessions because it doesn’t relax me – I will just cover my living room instead haha (my Mum will hate to read that sentence). It isn’t ‘I have learnt my lesson Mother’, it’s ‘I’m trying something new and seeing how it goes.’7286368464_b9e99cf412_k

It seems a simple and natural setting would relax me. I loved waking up and seeing the sky straight away. I am a deep sleeper, so the sun rising doesn’t wake me or annoy me, only refreshes me once I do wake. I really love, love, love the thought of waking up and seeing the sky, no matter which season nor what the weather. No curtain or blinds for me any more, thank you. (Unless neighbours could see in. Awkward.)

This is a new journey in time and space for me. Bit dramatic? I have began to completely de clutter my bedroom – we have a bed and a wardrobe… and a corner filled with all my craft stuff. BUT this is the beginning of making my room completely white/neutral. I want to explore different ways of making my room interesting yet remain white, I want to play with different textures and layering materials to hide my inbuilt shelves. I want it to be practical, so in the day it is pretty and functional, but at night there are no distractions and is calming. I’m a colour person, this is weird for me.

If you would like to check out what is inspiring me at this first step check out my Pinterest, though I literally just made it and I am clueless on what I’m actually doing on there so bare with me. I would appreciate any suggestions, help and inspiration, I want to do DIY wall art and I really need advise on being ‘almost minimalist’.

I’m excited for this challenge. I will keep you updated on my progress, over and out, Emily x


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