Easy Watercolour DIY

A very easy and cheap DIY today and the best thing is that you need no skills! That’s the best kind of creating and crafting, when they’re fool proof.

IMG_0970 2

It is so simple that there are only four items you need; watercolour paint, watercolour paper, masking tape and a printer. This is my good watercolour paper to be honest, I used a much cheaper one in the end. Only because I didn’t want to risk ruining a good sheet if my idea didn’t work out well, but I think the thinner the paper the better. You can’t use normal printing paper though because it’ll go completely misshaped and all wavy and not something you want to have on display.

Cover all four sides equally with the masking tape. Depending on the quality of your paper, you may have to touch your masking tape first to lose its sticky so it won’t rip off any of the paper at the end. You can either leave it at that or do some crazy cool pattern inside that box. The world is your oyster, and I’m not the boss of you. You do you, okay?

IMG_0996 1This next photo is hard to see, but I have masking taped the paper onto a board. You don’t have to do this I suppose, it just keeps it in place and as flat as possible, because the paper can still crinkle up.

When choosing colours it is best to choose four or less I would say, these colours will run into each other and create others anyway. With your paint brush make a patch of paper wet and blob some paint into it (isn’t the word blob horrible). Then make another section wet and blob a different colour in it. Literally just keep going till the page is covered. Play with the paint and experiment.

IMG_0999 1

It is so relaxing. You know that urge where you want to play with paint but don’t want to do it for no reason and you want it to look somewhat good but you don’t want to think? This fulfils that urge.

With the masking tape off you leave it to dry completely. The paint will have bled a little, embrace it.

Next you hop onto your computer and type out a quote or sentence or anything you like onto word. Play around with sizes and fonts till you are happy with what you’ve chosen. Make sure to print preview and even print a quick copy onto plain paper to check if it is how you want it to be. This is a must. Then you are ready to pop your painted paper into the printer and print the quote onto that. Wow, mind blown!

IMG_1003 1

IMG_0992 1

IMG_1004 1

I love a bit of hippy dippy in my life. I have a habit of taping quotes I like onto walls anyway, so that’s where these currently are. I think I may frame the first one though, I will have to have a think.

Anyway, hope you like it! Over and out, Emily x


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