Hand Print Heart Magnet

IMG_1042 1

‘The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.’
Helen Keller

When I have kids this would be my perfect Valentine gift.. though I’m sure I would have done a million and one different types of hand print things for myself that maybe it wouldn’t have the same impact than someone else who is less inclined to turn their children’s limbs into painting tools..

I bought this paper mache heart from Hobbycraft, which has a magnet on the back, and used this toxic free ink for babies. Although the ink is a little bit pricey for just one print, the ink lasts a long, long time so can be kept for years and for the following hand print DIYs that you are bound to do. Last time I used mine was in July 2013 and it wasn’t any different this time. It also shows more detail than paint would.

I painted the heart with a very light beige colour to start, then once dry, using a napkin I wiped the darker cookie colour on top. Really simple and quick.

IMG_1036 1

You may be thinking why not a red hand print? Valentines Day and all. Well, this is a nearly 5 month old baby, and a red hand print just screams horror film to me. Just being honest.

Hope this inspires you!

Over and out, Emily x


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