Paper Roses

IMG_1157.jpg 1

IMG_1136.jpg 1

Flowers die, these don’t. Great, lets get into it. This costs next to nothing, you most likely have all these things around your house. So get comfortable, slurp on your tea and lets play with some newspaper.

IMG_1108.jpg 1Start by cutting a swirl into your newspaper. It doesn’t have to be square piece, to be honest there are no rules at all for any of this. Be free. You can do a full page, or half, and a few sheets, or just one.

IMG_1106.jpg 1

Next you roll the paper on itself. It generally looks better if you have sharp corner bits and if you keep air in it, don’t push it down.

IMG_1112.jpg 1

When it comes to the end you twist it so it looks like this. You can glue the end too just to make sure it stays together.

IMG_1114.jpg 1Gently dip the paper rose into paint.

IMG_1116.jpg 1

If the rose is too big you can just blob the tips using a big paint brush. It made me so happy when I painted the roses red. Oh my God, it felt great. I have a vague memory from when I was really young thinking ‘when would you paint roses red in real life?!’ Now. The time has come.

IMG_1120.jpg 1I made stems out of fence wire. This wire was so hard to move into the shape I wanted, it hurt. But obviously that’s good because it means it will stand up and hold the paper rose. Once the paint has dried, you can just pop the rose on top, or even use hot glue gun to glue it onto the stem.

IMG_1144.jpg 1

Or you could just pop the paper roses in bowls and forgo the stem. Just squish down the end so it can stand up.

IMG_1126.jpg 1

IMG_1129.jpg 1

IMG_1165.jpg 1

These are so easy and fun to make.

Have a great day! Over and out, Emily x


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