Toddler Crafting: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Card

IMG_1018 1

IMG_1013 1

A last minute Valentine’s idea for you today! Technically speaking it is for babies and toddlers, but why can’t adults give each other prints? What age do we stop doing them? Totally going to start it again. I’m bringing hand prints back.

I originally wanted to do thump print to make hearts and dot them all around the card (sounds cute doesn’t it), but this babies thump was too small to work well. If you are using an older than 5 month old baby it may work. Speaking like I’m talking about a paintbrush and not a human. He is a lovely little man, I assure you.

Draw a heart and fit his feet into it, easy peasy. The trick with any print for any age is to take control – at any age they want to pull away or play with the paint, they don’t want to be still for a few seconds. Be a dictator and keep his limb still. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like being a dictator. What is going on with my brain today? I’m not a dictator, I make sure it’s fun with lots of ooo‘s and awww‘s (noise’s like that speak to them, you know? The little man in my life is nearly two, and if you exaggeratedly laugh or smile to him he mimics). In my experience, once they reach that age that they understand things a bit more and are interested in things (I can get my little man excited at helping to make me a cup of tea) they really enjoy printing, just a side-note there.

IMG_1013 2

IMG_1011 1

Over and out, Emily x


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