Knitting After 10 Years

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The last time I knitted I was 13 years old.. I think, I can’t fully remember. It wasn’t like I made a decision to wait 10 years to knit again and made a mental note of the date. I learnt to knit when I was really young, from my Nan (and her sister once, but she knitted left handed and completely confused me). She used to do the first line for me, and then I would knit away till I had done a tiny scarf. She corrected any mistakes.

It was always a plan to start knitting again. Just one of those ‘yeah I wanna get back at that’ things, that I kept putting aside, without even realising. So this piece I knitted is me learning again.

It’s a complete mess. And it’s perfect. 

I had never cast on myself before, so I had to teach myself, with Google’s help of course. I had never cast off before either. I remembered how to knit though, whoopie!  But you can see in the photo that is went completely misshaped, and I blame wanting to knit in the dark. I just knitted, I didn’t think. I embraced every mistake because I only wanted to learn it again. Oh it was great. *ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED knitted something crap while watching youtube*

Though it does look like the start to a beanie, which is pretty cool.

IMG_1026 1Tomorrow I will reveal what I plan to do with my masterpiece.

Over and out, Emily x

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