Toddler Crafting: Primary Colours

IMG_1186.jpg 1

The toddler crafting I bring to you today was for little man to try different tools to paint with. Spoiler: painting with hands always wins. I had three box canvases, 10 cm in size, and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

‘Red’ was painted with a paint brush, ‘yellow’ with a sponge and ‘blue’ with hands. For the words I cut them out from masking tape and stuck them on the blank canvas. Once they’re painted just peal them back off. I did have to touch them up with white paint.

IMG_1006 1

IMG_1007 1

You could use alphabet stickers instead, especially if you find some that are really fancy/pretty/cool. I do wonder whether if I used stickers little man would peal them off and prefer to play with them instead. He loves stickers, what can I say. Could probably bribe him with stickers better than with chocolate. Not better than blueberries though…

IMG_1182.jpg 1

The results of painting with different tools: Little man is 22 months old now. He has used a paint brush before and did a lot of jabbing with it, with a few swirls which looked pretty cool. He then slapped his hand in the red paint and tried to do hand prints on the canvas, and although it was meant to encourage using the paint brush I allowed him to go with whatever he fancied doing. Which included a blue Hitler moustache.

He has never used a sponge to paint before and I think it confused him a little. He did use it as if he was washing himself with the paint. He really gave himself a make over, but if you’ve never done it before how do you know how it feels??

Painting with his hands with the blue was obviously the easiest. He learnt that it’s quicker to put the canvas into the paint rather than transfer it with your hands. Smart lad. He also explored the back, which it hadn’t occurred to me that he hadn’t seen the back, nor understood what he’s actually painting on.

IMG_1188.jpg 1

Good job. It’s fun for all, really is. Just wish I could join in and get away with painting my own face. I mean, he painted mine, but it’s not the same.

Over and out, Emily x


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