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It’s getting warmer. It is getting warmer. The sun is appearing more. The sun, what’s that? Something has changed in me and I feel like smiling for no reason. This is a big deal for me. I feel so positive, and I want to tell people and share it if possible.

Two weeks ago I introduced my new project called Day Tripper, a project that encourages me to venture out of my comfort zone, and also create something and leave it there. This smile sign is craft number two to be left in a place, which I will reveal in a post tomorrow.

IMG_1206.jpg 1

Good job on the dodgy nail varnish, Emily. This is how it started out. I bought a bunch of these wooden signs, all different words (this is the only ‘smile’ one I bought) in 2012, only because they were reduced. I had nothing in mind for them, and haven’t touched them since. That is the life of a crafter though, you collect stuff for another day – maybe even 3 years later. Little did I know I would combine it with something else from 2012, but in 2015.

IMG_1111 copy

I lived in Malta for a year. I took this photo in March 2012. Here are some more photos of that time if you’re interested. It may be just a photo of the sea to you, but to me it’s part of the past, part of something special and part of something beautiful, that I once was part of. We used to go to a certain part of the beach, that we called ‘the rocks’ and just spend the day there, that’s where this was taken.

I painted the back and sides bright orange. I printed this photo and glued it to the word.

FH000002.jpg 1

IMG_1220.jpg 1

Don’t you think it kind of looks like a marble effect rather than the sea? See you tomorrow for Day Tripper 2!

Over and out, Emily x


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