Painting Made Easy


How many times have you wanted to paint and been discouraged before starting, or stopped half way through because it isn’t what you envisioned? Story of my painting-life! I am not a painter, I’m not an artist, paint doesn’t always do what I want it to do and I can get so frustrated. But paint is so much fuunnn!! Come on it’s not fair! Muummm plleeassee.. Wow, sorry, flashback.

To help myself and my sanity I’ve created a few different ways to make painting easy for myself. AND NOW FOR YOU!

Side note: It may be too late for my sanity.

This technique is so simple, so simple, and versatile. And, dare I say, fool proof. You need watercolour paint, watercolour paper and a waterproof pen.


After deciding what quote or word you would like to do, draw it very lightly on the paper with a pencil. For this one I chose ‘me time’ for my Mum, as she needs reminding to think about herself. Then on top of the pencil start drawing swirls with the waterproof pen. Maybe practice on another sheet of paper first, join them up, do random sizes, let them swirl in different directions, and keep them touching each other.


At this point you can rub out the pencil. Then keep building on the swirls till you’re happy with the shape you’ve created.


Time to mix up some colours! Woo. First decide what colour/colours you want. If there is a little bit of thought it generally looks better than willy-nilly choosing every colour on your pallet. One colour but all different tones is pretty cool, I think. For this one I choose different shades of blue and purple/pink.

Start blobbing the paint into the swirls. As it’s a waterproof pen, it wont run or leak. And you’re done, and your painting need is satisfied! How easy is that?! 


This is one that I did for myself. I just really like the colour orange. Simple.



I’m going to keep playing with this idea. It’s relaxing drawing hundreds of swirls and not having to think, and you’re guaranteed something that looks good because it is so easy. Have a great day!

Over and out, Emily x


4 thoughts on “Painting Made Easy”

  1. LIKE…a lot! Not only for the easy painting idea, but because I have trouble with painting words that look good. This random process looks cool and does not have to be perfect! Thanks!


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