Easy DIYs: Favourite Places #1

Why is it that we have favourite places, but we don’t live there? I mean, I know the reasons; family, work, money etc. But shouldn’t it be an important goal to live somewhere you love? Saying that, when I lived in Malta I realised how much I loved England, and now I live in England I reminisce about how much loved Malta. Aren’t we so unsatisfied! As long as we realise it, it’s cool. So here is a 3 part series of easy DIY ideas, to remember and salute your favourite places.

This is #1 

IMG_1395.jpg 1

You need: A digital download of the map, a favourite photo you took of the place, card, a printer, a craft knife.

This DIY is for one of my friend who loves the county of Cornwall. It is so easy, and looks pretty damn cool. My photos really don’t give it justice unfortunately.

Step one: Print off a map of your favourite place. With this one the more detailed on the outside of the area the better – this map is beautiful. Use a craft knife to cut out the area. Patience is key. And the realisation pain is only temporary. Then whisper to your fingers that it’s over and you won’t hurt them any more.

IMG_1381.jpg 1

IMG_1382.jpg 1

Step two: Have your favourite photo you took of the place printed (it isn’t my photo, but my friends, as this is for her), and pop it behind the map. Ta-da! Not lying, easy and looks really cool.

IMG_1384.jpg 1

Come back tomorrow for the next one in this series. Have a great day!

Over and out, Emily x


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