Easy DIYs: Favourite Places #2

Welcome back to my 3 part series of easy DIYs saluting your favourite places.

This is #2

IMG_1326.jpg 1

This one is my personal favourite, and not just because it is Malta and made for myself, but it’s a treasure map! A clean one, yes, but a treasure map nonetheless. With no treasure either – there is no cross or heart where my favourite place is because there isn’t just ‘one favourite place’, the whole country is a heart. But would a pirate have a heart on there?? …Or gold sharpie… Whatever. I made this here for my Day Tripper too, if you remember last week? But that wasn’t for myself obviously, whole point of Day Tripper, but I just had to made one for myself. Had to. Just had to. H-ad.

You need: A digital download of a map, a printer and scanner, card, bold pens, iron on transfer paper, an iron and white cotton.

Step 1: (If you have a graphics tablet you can skip this step!) Print off an unlabelled map of the country. Using bold pens label the map yourself – I recommend gold sharpie, it’s really in with pirates right now. Don’t worry about being accurate, just do it by your memories and what’s important to you, unless you’re a perfectionist then whatever, you’re on your own because clearly I’m not. Then you scan it back into the computer. The more you scan and print, the more colours will change. This didn’t bother me, but as I said I’m not a perfectionist.



Step 2: Before printing onto your transfer paper remember to flip your image! This way once you iron it onto the cotton it will be readable and the right way round. Then follow the instructions that come with your iron on transfer paper – usually it says iron on highest heat for a minute or so.

Step 3: Once it’s onto the cotton, rip, rather than cut, around it. Use something as a back board for the top to clip to, I used cork, then attach big clips and wool to hang.

I’m obsessed with my treasure map! Ob-sessed.

IMG_1328.jpg 1

Ob-sessed I’m telling you. Check back tomorrow for the last in this series.

Over and out, Emily x


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