Easy DIYs: Favourite Places #3

And we reach the last post of the DIY ideas to salute your favourite places! What an adventure, amirite? Nice to see you again, how are you doing? Good, good, glad to hear it.

This is #3

IMG_1349.jpg 1

This one could be the most time consuming craft but is the most satisfying. Lots of easy painting. I love easy painting. Except waiting for it to dry, that’s a real test of my patience. I just want to get stuck in and paint some more, but it’ll ruin it! Must resist!! It’s okay, Emily, it’s okay.

You need: digital download of map, card, watercolour paint and black paint.

Step 1: Get your watercolour paints and go ham onto the card with colours of the country’s flag. Saint Lucia’s are yellow/gold, black, blue and white. Do random shapes, and mix them together if you want to. Try to not completely drench it in water because it’ll go warped and ugly.

As you don’t know where you will be painting black yet, cover most of the page in watercolour. The reason for painting before printing the country is because the ink isn’t waterproof and it’ll just run. Not cool.

IMG_1197.jpg 1

IMG_1198.jpg 1

Step 2: Once dry pop your card into your printer. Find an outline of the country on the internet and print it onto your page. If there are some white patches that you don’t like you can paint them in, very carefully. It looks pretty cool at this step, so you could stop here if you like.

Step 3: Paint everything on the outside of the country in black.

IMG_1350.jpg 1

IMG_1334.jpg 1

I love the look of watercolour with the black, it stands out indeed, right up my street. Well this wraps up this quick series, and if you do have a favourite place I encourage you to live there, make it a goal, there is no reason not to. I hope these posts inspire you! I’d be interested in knowing which one is your favourite and let me know if you do one yourself!

Have a lovely, spectacular day!

Over and out, Emily x


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