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Nerd alert.

This is the Triwizard Cup. I warned you.

Those that don’t know what that means probably don’t care, but don’t leave, it’s cool, I’m cool, we’re cool. Cool.

For this weeks Day Tripper craft I had strict guidelines, which I gave myself. I didn’t realise how hard it would be to create a Harry Potter themed item without it appearing to be Harry Potter, which sounds mental, but that’s what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to do traditional colours nor something obvious, so even those who don’t know Harry Potter recognise the ‘brand’. I did want it to represent a house, but also I didn’t, you know, life can be so hard sometimes (I joke!). But I got there in the end, and what makes this craft so wonderful to me is the secret! Oh the secret, you make me feel like a little kid again.

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So this is the back of the picture. Shhh! Oi, I said shush! Thank you.

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What’s the secret compartment for?

DSC_1204.jpg 1

For our names to be put into because it’s the Triwizard Tournament! And for whoever finds it to put their name in. (I am aware I didn’t do the Goblet of fire, which is what the names actually go in, but it doesn’t have such a pretty outline.) And yes, Glenda put ‘Ravenpuff’ as her house, because she couldn’t decide, even though Pottermore put her in Ravenclaw. Sophie thought it sounded like a sexual orientation.

I also did the frame myself.

Anyway, this is enough geeking out for one day. Come back tomorrow for Day Tripper #4, and see where I left this craft.

Over and out, Emily x

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