Day Tripper #4

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This Day Tripper is a bit obvious after yesterday’s post, but we went to the Harry Potter Studios! Welcome, welcome, please take a seat, cup of tea? My craft from yesterday is on it’s own journey now. I had never done an indoor Day Tripper before, mainly because I don’t have a flash on Mr Trip, so I risked it. I pushed the boat out. Mental, right?

What’s Day Tripper? All explained here.

These are my favourite photos taken on my Olympus Trip. (Have I mentioned how much I love this camera. Like, a lot)

FH000007.jpg 1

Extra info that I have made into a habit of adding each time: I seem to learn something about myself or photography each trip, which I didn’t expect. From a photography standpoint I loved seeing the set as a set, I thought that was cool. People were looking at each item and taking photos, like they were there. I liked to see it as a studio because I haven’t seen that before. I loved seeing what other people had made, so clever. I also enjoyed watching others experience it – whether it was the man with his camera slowly walking up Diagon Alley for the first time, but watching it in his display rather than with his eyes, or the little boy with his school telling his teacher that ‘I don’t mind the blood, but you know I get scared with these things’. One teacher, after a lecture about something boring, in the same tone of voice she said to her 8 pupils ‘okay now, selfie,’ and everyone shuffled into frame in Dumbledore’s office. The sight of that made me laugh. These kids don’t remember a time before the selfie, it’s just standard.

I also learnt how important it is to not take photos sometimes. I love photography as a media to tell a story, I love Mr Trip, I love film, I love when it looks pretty, really simple. I’m not fond of when people view experiences through a camera, but whatever floats your boat I suppose. I used to believe it was important to document everything – especially something like Harry Potter Studios. Like I’m so inspired to make some paper model houses of stories I’ve written, seriously. But a photo isn’t going to capture that feeling. Capturing something in a photo doesn’t make it special, you make it special. The experience is the important part.

It’s the way I believed I represented Hufflepuff. It’s the way Little Man cried when I had to take him off the Knight Bus so I bribed him with the promise of knocking on 4 Privet Drive door. It’s the way the sun shone when I ran down the Hogwarts bridge. It’s the way Sophie bitterly said ‘I bet more than half of these people haven’t even read the books’. It’s the way we constantly said unfunny jokes, laughing away. It’s the way we remembered me saying ‘I would be a slut at Hogwarts’ (totally a joke!). It’s the way we walked down the Hogwarts Express with our stupid commentary and Dad jokes. It’s the way Little Man was screaming and crying while flying the broom and everyone in line was laughing their hearts out. It’s the way we were disgusted that someone working there didn’t know the house colours (she gave Sophie a green robe for Ravenclaw!) It’s the way Sophie stroked her Broom stick that had us and the staff cracking up. It’s the way my Mum looked in the photo they took of her, hilarious. It’s the way we fell almost silent once we reached the castle and didn’t take photos but just experienced it, studied it and asked each other questions. It’s the way we all felt so inspired at the end, but in different areas and for different reasons.

Some moments are magical. Now on with the photos!

FH000006.jpg 1

FH000008.jpg 1

FH000009.jpg 1

FH000011.jpg 1

FH000012.jpg 1

FH000014.jpg 1

FH000017.jpg 1

FH000019.jpg 1

FH000021.jpg 1

FH000022.jpg 1

FH000024.jpg 1

I’m not touching my butt! My hand was on the side of the bus. 

FH000023.jpg 1

And where I left my treasure.

FH000025.jpg 1

FH000027.jpg 1

Over and out, Emily x

Side note: Day Tripper – absolutely nothing to do with the meaning of the song. I just love The Beatles, like a lot.


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