Updating Goals

IMG_6211.jpg 1Surprise! I’ve changed again. To the outside world that is – to me, I am growing. I am talking about myself before you think I’m talking about my clothes or my blog layout. Any point in making goals if four months down the line you change your mind? Sure, there are no rules. We are all winging it, right? Or just me?

I embrace change in myself, but I don’t actually change. I am one of those weirdos who has always looked the same (seriously) and still pulls the same face in photos, and is literally the same in every single way. I suppose my ideas change, and the way I want to live.

On the 4th of January I wrote a post about goals for this year, as you do, and here is a break down of what I said;

  • organise my work station
  • organise my hobbies
  • permanently de-clutter
  • make a time table to do the next draft of my book
  • organise all other stories I’ve written
  • collect all my recipes together
  • take more care of myself
  • live more healthily

So, I kinda went to town on this list. Resolutions are fun? … Did I complete any? Yes, actually, two – take care of myself and live more healthy. And what makes it better is that those two were natural by-products of how good I’ve been feeling lately.

Other things that have changed from feeling great;

  • I still want to make stuff but I no longer want to keep it
  • I actually don’t have much interest in keeping many possessions (this is completely alien to me!)
  • I don’t want to ‘nest’. I love decorating a space, but I no longer want my own space – I’m only 23
  • I want to keep moving
  • this is the closest I’ve been to peace. It feels amazing.

I feel so free. It’s cool, you’re cool. I may change again in the future, but still be the same, I don’t mind. If it feels right, it feels right, you know? You got to stay true to yourself. See you tomorrow!


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