Inventory Of Craft Supplies

IMG_1713.jpg 1

As previously mentioned, I am de-cluttering my life. I have a huge urge to use up all my craft supplies and either start over or never start again. But I love creating, that’s my thing, so I doubt I will never own any supplies – how would I live?! But I have plans, that isn’t worth sharing now but I will in the future.

As soon as I subconsciously decided to use up everything it occurred to me that I don’t really know what I have. I am one of those that looks through stuff every once in a while and says ‘oh yeah! I own this, isn’t that great?’ That’s just dumb, Emily, stop that.

I have started my own unprofessional and scrappy inventory. You may question why things aren’t in the right category, but I put all items into the places my brain would associate with them. Like wool is a fabric, could also be a tool I suppose, but I see it as an item to knit with. I also don’t want to own a notebook with it completely perfectly organised, I want everything on one piece of paper that I can glance at when I have an idea, then execute it or scrap it.

Anyway, it’s not finished, I have lots of drawers and shelves to go through. It’s all cool.

Keep on keeping on!


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