Sorting Sorting Sorting

When sorting through old things the best solution is to take photos and then just get rid of it… But I totally didn’t stick to that rule; teddies and drawings I just can’t let go of yet. All my school work went, that was easy obviously. There is no longer an attachment to everything now, and I feel great about that. But, you know, it’s Togepi. He/she isn’t going anywhere (except back into a box and into storage). Living the dream.

And this was only my Nan’s loft, haven’t got started on my Mum’s yet.

But literally a few weeks ago I was looking for Togepi, so that’s proof he/she still needs to be in my life. Be that from a loft or not.

WP_20150422_001.jpg 1

WP_20150422_006.jpg 1

WP_20150422_011.jpg 1

I LOVED playmobil. That was my thing. I used to call them little people, ‘Mum can I play with little people? I need to play with them!’ I was very serious about my love. Still am.

WP_20150422_012.jpg 1

WP_20150422_017.jpg 1

I don’t know why I made this, nor kept it. Look at that aged tape.

WP_20150422_018.jpg 1

Why did I love you so much?! You are too weird.

Anyway, maybe try to get rid of some stuff and observe how you feel? Maybe nothing, and you will realise you don’t actually need anything. Pretty cool feeling.


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