Day Tripper #5

FH000002.jpg 1

To continue the theme of being random with my content the Day Tripper I bring to you today was at Leysdown-on-Sea! Leysdown is a seaside town in Kent which isn’t the greatest of places but it’s all cool. It was a gorgeous sunny day and Little Man needed to see the sea. Needed to.

These are my favourite photos I took on my Olympus Trip 35.

FH000003.jpg 1

FH000005.jpg 1

FH000004.jpg 1

Quick game with my craft from yesterday.

FH000009.jpg 1

FH000010.jpg 1

FH000013.jpg 1

FH000011.jpg 1

FH000014.jpg 1

FH000012.jpg 1

FH000015.jpg 1

FH000017.jpg 1

FH000023.jpg 1

FH000018.jpg 1

FH000019.jpg 1

Where I left my treasure.

FH000021.jpg 1

Side note: Day Tripper – absolutely nothing to do with the meaning of the song. I just love The Beatles, like a lot.


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