Pebbles And Shells/Noughts And Crosses

IMG_1645.jpg 1

Random right? Yeah, bare with me.

But have you ever been out and thought to yourself ‘Do you know what I really need right now? A portable noughts and crosses set.’ 

No? Me neither.

IMG_1653.jpg 1

IMG_1668.jpg 1

IMG_1674.jpg 1

IMG_1671.jpg 1

Alas! This is the next craft for Day Tripper. It’s as simple as noughts and crosses but with pebbles and shells, yep. Pop back tomorrow to see Day Tripper #5!


FH000008.jpg 1


3 thoughts on “Pebbles And Shells/Noughts And Crosses”

  1. How great! We call it tic tac toe, but the same game, I think. I just might be making this for the car! Also a great little Bon voyage gift for kids heading off on a road trip! Thanks for sharing.


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