Tree Branch and Shells

IMG_1710.jpg 1

Do you get more attached or feel more connected to natural or artificial objects?

Two of my favourite items in my apartment I didn’t pay for, and I found them while out and about. Completely natural and perfectly imperfect. My favourite qualities in everything.

I have a lot of stuff (though I plan to get rid of most of it) and by far I feel more for these two items than the rest; my pile of shells and my tree branch. Don’t you just want to stare at those shells for hours? They’re fascinating. I’m not sure if I am going to keep them for long, I’m thinking of giving them out to some special peeps with a little message in. But they do look perfect together.. It seems a shame to split them up.. You are not attached, Emily, you are not attached! (I’m really not though.)

IMG_1667.jpg 1
The day I gathered them.

IMG_1705.jpg 1

On a walk a year ago (I think) I decided to pick up my tree branch and take it home with me. I got some real dodgy looks walking back, and even from my family when I washed it in my Mums garden. And yet when people come over they always compliment it, and I’m like ‘haaa in your face sucka!‘ You know, casual.

IMG_1703.jpg 2
IMG_1699.jpg 1

Happy days!



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