Five Weird Rules I Live By

After a quick conversation with a best friend I realised I have a few strange, unconscious (till now) rules that I stick to in everyday life. Dig down into yourself and I’m sure you have some too. Here are mine;

FH000004.jpg 1

1. I buy my trousers based on whether I can play in them. Play, yes.

Nothing to do with being an Aunty. I haven’t worn jeans in a long time, unless I can really move in them. I need to be able to do a lunge at a moments notice. Why? I dunno. I like to sit on the floor and stuff, life is better when you can actually move.

2. I judge whether a room is a good size on if I can do a cartwheel in them.

If there is enough empty space that I can cartwheel in, it’s perfect. And I test it. I test other peoples rooms too, usually when they nip to the toilet.

3. Things have to be a moral for me to do it.

Example: I’ve always loved animals, and occasionally would be a vegetarian for a few months, and then, you know, bacon. But one day it became a moral for me to not eat meat any more, my “ideal self” in my minds eye didn’t live that way, and I stopped. And it feels good to live to your morals, it’s empowering. But it’s always possible for it to change and not be a moral any more.

As for the bacon comment, when I decided to be a vegetarian 11 months ago my friends and family all said the same thing, seriously. ‘But bacon?!’

4. No regrets. 

I have none and not because there is nothing to regret. There are things that I don’t like to look back on, sure, my life has been far far far from perfect. Why should I regret anything though? Not how I roll. Regret is too powerful. If an experience was that bad stop holding onto it in your mind, just accept and let things go.

5. Litter Bug!

When I was 7 years old my class were shown a video that called people out for littering, litter bug they said. I didn’t realise how much this saying had been etched into my brain. In college at 16 I saw someone litter and I was about to say it under my breath, when my friend got there first. At first I was like ‘oh cool you saw that video too’ but then she explained it’s because I say it, she was taking the mickey (English term for making fun of someone, it’s cool though, this is the best friend I was telling this list to years later). It took me all those years, and someone else to point it out, for me to realise I still say it. But don’t litter, there’s really no need.

I nominate Project Patrol and Show Me Something Different to share five rules you live by, because we are all weird. No point denying it so let’s all embrace it. Cool.

Big smiley face and see you tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Five Weird Rules I Live By”

  1. Mine is to always keep moving. That doesn’t mean surviving the day but to make it memorable. To see opertunities that may make me look goofy but turns into great stories later in life. Hard to explain but… Yeah 😛


  2. Thanks for passing this along to me. I love it! Too bad I’d probably hurt myself if I tried a cartwheel 😀 Otherwise, I’d adopt that technique to size up a room!

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