24 Things I’ve Learnt

  1. you can be selfish without being a bitch
  2. very important to feel free
  3. connect with yourself on the inside, to help make connections on the outside
  4. stay who you are, ignore pressure to change and adapt
  5. it doesn’t matter if people don’t ‘get you’
  6. entertainment is different for everyone
  7. sometimes disconnect from the internet and connect to reality
  8. so what if others around you don’t want to disconnect with you?
  9. you feel better when you stay real, no jazz hands and sugar coating
  10. peace is present
  11. don’t fear age, it means nothing, it’s all about how old you behave
  12. it is possible to feel that innocent childish freedom and happiness as an adult
  13. accept everything, otherwise try to change it
  14. if you want to live by your morals, just do it
  15. no point in waiting for anything but sometimes it’s essential to wait, choose when it’s important to
  16. live in the now
  17. if someone won’t make equal effort with you, let them go
  18. try to accept and disconnect from small minded people
  19. it hurts only you when you hold onto a painful memory
  20. if you feel like you need to cry but can’t, make yourself, whether it’s a movie, a song or videos of talented children singing and dancing
  21. dance always, don’t question it
  22. other people don’t have to be on board with your ideas or plans, it’s okay to sail alone
  23. judgements aren’t the truth
  24. happiness is everything

As I press publish at midnight it is my birthday.


6 thoughts on “24 Things I’ve Learnt”

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! 🙂 I think that your list is very true, by the way, especially number 22 and 23- wait- they’re all true! Anyway, have a lovely birthday.


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