The Quote Challenge / Day 3

Welcome to the last day of the Quote Challenge. Thank you Facetfully for involving me! It has been pretty cool searching for quotes that I have connected to in the past, and it’s interesting how the quotes you choose may say something about you as a person – how you like to live, what you agree with, and what your morals are. That is if you read into it, which I totally do.

The challenge is to share a quote a day for three days. A quote that has inspired that something in me (a quote that I will have really tried hard to find) and each day I will nominate three more people to join in the challenge, and big up Facetfully who has nominated me. Sounds cool? (I fear I have written the rules in a confusing way, but I’m okay with it.)

IMG_1232.jpg 1

As I said before I am not a collector of quotes, not to say I don’t like them, but luckily I remembered a youtube video that showed lots of quotes that I really felt in my bones, ya know? I recommend watching this video by Casey Neistat. Seriously cool dude I’m telling you, big inspiration. And this quote? I have learnt this quote is true, and I’ve also learnt to not be scared by failure because mistakes are like successes. How else would you learn what you learnt? If you are scared of failure you won’t do anything. Stuff that, amirite?

I nominate


Peyton Mckee

Palmettos & Pearls

to join in this challenge.

Thanks for reading!


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