What’s Been Happening?

A photo update, here we go.

Hanging with friends that I don’t often see, which is stupid. Not the hanging out part, the not seeing each other often part.IMG_2017.jpg 1

IMG_2015.jpg 1

IMG_2019.jpg 1

IMG_2039.jpg 1

I had a great time on this car ride. Not sure if the other people did. There was wine, I had Pims. No more details.

IMG_2043.jpg 1

Lot of fruit. Lots and lots of amazing fruit. Oh my. Yes.

IMG_2048.jpg 1

IMG_2051.jpg 1

IMG_2057.jpg 1

Walks in the summer heat.

IMG_2071.jpg 1

IMG_2085.jpg 1

Fed geese and ducks. They just wouldn’t stand still, it’s like they didn’t care that I had my camera out.

IMG_2102.jpg 1

Watching the sun set from my bedroom window is pretty great, there’s a few on my instagram. No filters. This habit of taking photos every evening is probably better than my habit of drinking wine and thinking I’m being funny (when I’m probably not) (but let’s be real, I was being hilarious) and then things happen like having an amazing time on a car journey while singing the Spice Girls. I told you NO MORE DETAILS. Jeez, stop asking.


What’s been happening with you this week?


3 thoughts on “What’s Been Happening?”

  1. Well, I started working on another closet this week. Yep, that’s the biggest thing going on in my life 🙂 However, I could see myself drinking wine and singing along to the Spice Girls. Yeah, I should probably do that sometime. I’ll be checking out your Instagram for sure!

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