July And August / 62 Days / Summer Challenge

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I had planned to write this post yesterday on the 1st, but instead I spent the hottest day ever recorded in England for July in Greenwich. Apparently it was hotter than Hawaii, the Bahamas, the Canaries, and even the Sahara Desert. Apparently; I haven’t actually done any research other than read a few news headlines. I didn’t know at the time it was officially a record breaking day, I just knew while we were walking around London, having a picnic, on a boat, and then walking back up that MASSIVE hill in the the park that I was dripping with sweat, where as I don’t usually walk around London dripping with sweat. Maybe the give away was the instant relief when we would stop in at a shop with air-conditioning, and then leaving it feeling like we’ve just walked into an oven. I don’t think my thinking went past ‘Wow, it is boiling today. I really fancy an ice cream. Swimming would be fun. Speaking of swimming, what’s that dripping down my arms? Oh.. Sweat.. I really fancy an ice cream.’ But heat fries your thinking. In fact I was in the exact same place on Sunday (when these photos were taken) and I wasn’t dripping with sweat. Too much detail? I’m all showered, squeaky clean with a fan blaring at my face as I write this, if that’s better imagery. I’m into it though, the heat. But I would also be into air-conditioning in English homes.

So back to the post, today I am sharing with you my summer challenge. Think 365 photo project, but 303 less days and it’ll be more random, especially when it comes to posting the outcome on my blog BECAUSE (drum roll please) I will be using only film * and the crowd goes wild*. I aim to take photos every day, but as film is unpredictable maybe nothing will come out. NOTHING AT ALL. Will that be my excuse when I don’t post anything for a while because I forgot to take photos? You will never know.

Film is my thing. If it wasn’t for film I would be significantly less interested in photography. I have a collection of cameras that is far beyond what you see in my photo – an unofficial collection that happened without me even realising – and I just want to experiment with them. I have lots of out of date film that I want to try out, not even sure why I was hoarding them, and there are even cameras I don’t recognise (so I assume they are my parents cameras) with film half way used in them. Assuming stupid teenage Emily has already opened the back once to see what was going on, I am going to finish them to really see what’s going on. Whatever that means.

I have APS film that when out of date in 2004 – I was 13 so I’m sure they aren’t mine. I have poloroid film that I been putting off using for years because they discontinued them. I have a throw away camera from 2012 – why? 120mm film, black and white film, a fish eye lens, are you even still reading?, a box brownie (that’s not food), a Diana with a 120mm and a 35mm back, and a camera shaped like McDonald’s fries that was bought in a charity shop in Malta. I’ll insert the photo from 2012 for lols.
IMG_0778.jpg 1

I won’t be using my McDonald’s camera, sorry. I also saw this post and I am so excited to experiment and try it out. I have never even HEARD of film soaking let alone done it. It sounds too good to be true, is it a troll post??

I will also use in-date film. Maybe.

Summary; My summer challenge is to document what I am naturally doing everyday, with film.

I started yesterday at Greenwich with my Diana with 35mm film, and I’m positively sure nothing came out because I completely forgot how to work it. It’s cool, there’s always today and there’s always tomorrow.

(Sidenote: I will be using digital cameras/my phone too. I am human, and digital cameras are a natural way of life. They just won’t be part of this challenge, so no drunk selfies on the blog unfortunately.)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


5 thoughts on “July And August / 62 Days / Summer Challenge”

  1. I definitely can’t wait to see what develops from this (hardy har har)! Does the fish eye lens fit one of your cameras? Those should be really neat. I’ve got a little cheapy camera and it only does fish eye and uses film. Haven’t used it but once or twice. Maybe I should break it out! Have fun 🙂

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    1. Haha 😛 yeah the lens isn’t really a lens on its own, it’s like a filter so it goes on the end of any cannon lens. My friend has one of those and they’re really fun! Get it out for the summer!! 🙂

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