I travel, I plant, I paint (mainly walls), I scoot, I tie dye, I write

Keyrings are easily collected knick knacks that take up room if you’re not using them for their original purpose. I could keep the 25 years worth in storage. Or I could throw them out, they’re Keyrings after all. But they’re from ALL OVER THE WORLD, my brain shouts. Okay brain. You win. On canvases you will go. Huzzah! 


7 thoughts on “My new canvas 

  1. This is really cute. An awesome way to display them. I’m always wondering what to do with stuff I collect.

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    1. Thank you! I know, it ALMOST puts a downer on collecting anything. When in doubt, put it on a canvas! Or something like that..

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      1. Hehe. Yeah. I collect packs of playing cards and I’m thinking of taking the jokers/info cards out of all of them and putting them all in a frame. Seems a shame to have them all in a drawer.

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      2. I love that idea! You definitely should. They’d be all different patterns, and they’re the cards no one uses. Oh it’s great! Yes haha good idea!

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      3. Think I’ll need a really big frame though haha.

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      4. Haha may as well just wallpaper a wall!

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