The Ones I’ve Completed

I think you get three types of people. Ones who aren’t interested in projects, ones who like everything done and finished, and ones who pick up new projects like a toddler picks his nose. I’m definitely the one picking my nose – wait, no, that’s not what I meant.

Completing projects seems rare. I know in the social media world everything is sparkling and perfect but no, my world lacks buckets of glitter. I’d probably choke on it anyway. My reality is that I couldn’t even list the amount of projects I have going on, and on and on and on.. It ranges from I still haven’t chosen two photos to go in those frames I fixed on the wall a month ago, to writing the next draft of a script.

Today though I will share projects in my bedroom which are done, whether they took minutes or a few months, but the point is they’re finished. Completed. Done done done.. Until I get bored and change it all up again. It happens, I’m human.

This is a combination of things found and bought. In the tiny jam jar is a crystal, the broken top of a prosecco bottle covered in wax, a flattened London coin I found and 1 Czech crown.


My wonderful oil drum which I’m too scared to put a real candle in.


My scratch map, my cork board and my key ring canvas.

img_2737-jpg-2IMG_2232.jpg 1

A year ago I posted this, about repotting some cacti. Look at it now ladies and gentlemen. Look at it now. Still in love with it.

My ugly blanket is finished and as ugly as ever.

And lastly, my very first blog post, My Top Tips For Living In Rented Accommodation, featured this cabinet, which is now a gloss grey.

Fist bump to finished projects and to starting a million more! Hear hear!



6 thoughts on “The Ones I’ve Completed”

  1. I love this! I have all these ideas in my head, some make it out and i actually start a project, some Evercreech get finished, but mostly they’re stuck in my head, waiting for my to set them free!
    Your room is like something out of ‘one of those’ magazines, where everything looks ‘cool’, and ‘normal’ people just dream of having a room like it! Haha! Xxx


    1. Haha thanks but I ‘accidentally’ left out all the washing and mess out of the photos, it’s definitely not a magazine room. But thank you ☺ I just do what my brain asks. If you didn’t have 4 boys I’d recommend it haha xxx


      1. Haha!! Is there a corner looking like my house, out of view of the camera!? When I finally get my dining room sorted out, I shall be putting my own touches to it! I haven’t really decorated but I’m looking forward to it! Xxx


  2. Firstly. All of your stuff looks amazing! Secondly, I actually like the blanket. Poor thing, getting called ugly. You could totally hang it on the wall of an art gallery…. On second thoughts, that’s probably not a compliment. Lol.

    I’m exactly the same when it comes to starting projects and never finishing them. The idea always seems more exciting than the reality of sticking with something through the boring end bit.


    1. Hey, who said ugly is bad?! Haha I personally prefer it to perfection. Thank you very much. The initial thought and journey are definitely more exciting, and the thought of the thing being finished is more exciting than it actually being finished. I get ya! Wouldn’t want to change though haha too much fun

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