A Day Of Celebration 

Today my family and I will be celebrating the amazing news that the adoption for my little brother has finally gone through! Cheers! 

I’ve referenced him a lot on this blog, but as Little Man wasn’t officially my little brother but my foster brother I often said he was my nephew or I suppose made him sound like my child. He’s officially my brother, my little brother, my sibling! 

Now our family is officially a family of 6, but 13 of us have come to court to celebrate. Now there’s no worry about whether he won’t be with us in the future. Now we can watch him grow up. Now I can get excited at who he will become as a person. Now we can plan the future, long term or short term. Now when I buy a house he can have a bedroom. Now we can have brother sister arguments. Now we can have brother sister secret hand shakes. Now I can make him obsessed with Christmas like me. Now I can recreate all my great childhood memories with him. 

Now we will celebrate what a wonderful boy we are lucky to have. My brother.

Full of love for this little boy. Cheers again!


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