I travel, I plant, I paint (mainly walls), I scoot, I tie dye, I write

Art and crafts helps enormously with mental wellbeing. It’s hard to not sound pretentious when saying that but I believe it to be true. It’s a positive way to express negative feelings. Creating something that feels important. It’s therapeutic. 

So what about when you’re older, when you feel you’re loosing your mind a little, and your fingers can’t handle knitting anymore, or do puzzles, painting might be a strain on your eyes and everything seems like it’s deteriorating and a little negative. What crafting options are there? 

I think if there was something simple, not too simple and childlike, but satisfying it’ll really help my grandparents. Especially if it’s something we could all get our hands stuck into when we are all gathered together. I just can’t think of what. A no mess, not much effort, similar to the colouring books for adults that are popular, but better and less constricted. 

I used to make all sorts of Christmas crafts with my nan, including decorating candles, so I think I may turn up one day with all the supplies and suggest doing that again. That’s simple and satisfying and there’s so many options for what to do. Without wanting to belittle anyone, it’s nice to have a little purpose even if it is gluing flowers to a pillar candle. 

Anyway, a good brain storming session is needed! If anyone has any ideas I’d greatly appreciate them! Please feel free to comment or email me. My ideas are limited to my own brain, but if yours get involved something great might materialise. 

I just want to bring a little joy to their lives, the best way I know how! 


5 thoughts on “Art Ideas For The Elderly 

  1. PaperPuff says:

    Card making maybe? If confidence or dexterity or an issue you can get kits which have all the cutting out done, you just put them together. You can get great results and have fun too.

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    1. PaperPuff says:

      Sorry, predictive text issue with my comment. I meant “are” an issue, not “or”!


      1. Yeah that’s a great idea, thank you! I didnt realise you could buy kits. I’ll definitely give that a go with them!

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  2. knitsbywhit says:

    Along those lines you could do scrapbook pages. Bring memories and crafting together can be quite therapeutic.

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    1. Great for old photos and old memories too! Thank you so much, great idea.

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