Halloween: Kids vs Adults



What’s scarier than mental health problems, ay?! I’ve had an awful couple of days and so much in me wants to give up everything I’ve tried so hard at for the last two months. I want bed and YouTube.

But I refuse to do that. There’s nothing in me that’s interesting to blog about today but I am here, I am typing and I am trying, and the photos will be awful quality from my phone, my writing won’t be my best but at least I am doing it. I’m keeping some routine while my brain feels completely uprooted.

So I thought I’d talk about my Halloween today – in comparison to my little brother and nephews day, who are aged 3 and 2.

Kids Halloween:

They went to a spooky farm in the day, which my mum and sister thought would be fun and harmless. Little did they know that it’ll be petrifying. They still had fun, but there were tears, and from the video they sent me sounds like the tears are from the adults.


They aren’t mentally scarred, don’t worry. Then they came home, took off their costumes like they were on fire or something, and ate sweets, watched cartoons and painted pumpkins.


Adults (with no children) Halloween:

I on the other hand had a far less scary day. Drank tea and coffee, watched Gone Girl, sorted out Christmas presents (because that always cheers me up), caught a spider that ran across my bed and put him under a glass (that was pretty scary to be fair), ate sweets, painted with the boys and chilled.

I also hid when trick or treaters came to the door – can any situation be any more awkward? My mum was helping my little brother on the loo, to give you more detail than you need, so I kind of had to do it, but I ran away and luckily my mum got there in time. I’m not scared of the monster costumes, I’m scared of the human interaction. Can any other holiday put you in this many intrusive and awkward situations? Santa doesn’t come knocking, elf’s and reindeer don’t jump out at you. Even if you don’t want to, you have no choice but to join in. I do like the fireworks though, I’m watching them through my window as I type. Anyway, that’s my day so far.

No plans to go out. Was meant to have a Halloween night in with friends but work commitments had to change that. Instead I’m going to my boyfriends house, we are going to drink red wine, light some sparklers and watch the latest season of American Horror Story. Not all at once. That’s dangerous.


That’s all anyway, I need to leave now. Have a good Halloween evening!



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