Another Start

A month and a half ago I shared completed projects in my room, and I said ‘until I get bored and change it all up again. It happens, I’m human’. Well well, guess what’s happened! (Tip: it’s kind of obvious.)

I didn’t plan to move rooms, not until the end of the year if things went smoothly and even then it may never have happened. My brother has moved out, which is why this big room was up for grabs, and I’d be damned if my 3 year old brother got it over me! Id fight him all day for it, with plastic swords and blueberries. Don’t let the 22 year age gap fool you, he’s fearless. Now’s my chance to have a big room, I worked 25 years at this, he’s only had 3. Rant over. I do love him, I promise. 

The change in plan came when my mum suggested moving in yesterday morning. I’ve been feeling awful as I have said in other posts and I could easily spiral further downwards, so when this distraction was dangled in front of my face, like a horse with a carrot I started and it was good. So I moved in ten minutes later. Non stop moved. I was reminded how weak I am and scatty, but I organised my craft things for the first time and actually have a working space. 

Obviously once I stopped the negativity found its way back but whatever. I’m trying. High five me!

And I’m really enjoying this new drawing hobby of mine! All self help therapy. 


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