15 Things I’d Be Doing If I Didn’t have Tonsillitis (But I Still Probably Wouldn’t Be)

You know when you’re ill and you instantly think ugh, if I wasn’t sick I would have got this done, and that done! ?

Even though you probably wouldn’t have.. That’s a sickness in itself.

Here are fifteen things my brain tells me I would have gotten done if I didn’t have tonsillitis right now (most likely all a lie);

  1. Could have finally finished my homemade Christmas cards and possibly even handing them out.
  2. Tidied my bedroom completely, so it’s all finished.
  3. Prepared items for my Etsy shop.
  4. ALL of my washing.
  5. Seen Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them at the cinema. (This one is actually true) (Gutted!)
  6. Probably would have been well groomed, clean and presentable.
  7. Maybe even decorated my room a little. No, I would have decorated the whole house.
  8. Definitely would have watched far less Netflix… And used my time wisely.
  9. Probably would have had lots of long, brisk walks.
  10. Been sophisticated and read a book about philosophy, in the park perhaps.
  11. Socialised every night and been the talk of the town.
  12. A digital detox would have happened.
  13. I would have meditated every day, and maybe a bit of yoga.
  14. Played board games with my family and feel so bonded.
  15. And finally, made blog posts everyday, with mind blowing content.


Such a shame. Oh well. Don’t mind me, I need to skim Netflix now I’ve finished watching The Crown. It is so tough being sick!


Back when I was well. A whole long week ago. I was probably in the middle of making my bed when I decided to take this quick snap on my SLR, after securing it to my tripod and getting all the settings right, then taking ten or so dud photos. So hardworking. (I was definitely not making my bed)


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