Searching For Calmness 

In light of my recent darkness, I try to embrace any warmness, any positivity, that I can. I have explained this to friends in the past, for example; why I don’t like horror films. There’s too much darkness in my brain, I dont need it on the outside too. 

So although it almost feels fake drawing things like this, or trying to concentrate on warm things or light things, it kind of has to be done. Drawing myself spiralling further will only encourage the dark in me. Though one truth, there’s almost always laughter in everything. Even if it’s a dark sense of humour. 

Disclaimer after reading this back; I’m not a f***ing serial killer! Ha, all this ‘supressed darkness’. No sociopath here, just a Strange Case of Dr Dooming-Depression Jekyll and Mr Antisocial-Anxiety Hyde.


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