It all makes sense now

So I joined a gym a month ago. It hasn’t been something I’ve been spreading and laying on thick, it’s not a boasting point but possibly a talking point in general chit chat. I have not taken a before photo, I have not weighed myself, I have not taken a photo of myself at the gym or in gym clothes. The only time it’s a ‘thing’ is when I joke to one of my best mates and throw in a ‘yeah, I go to the gym now’ or ‘yeah, I work out..’ and then ‘did I mention I go to the gym?’

It’s also not a secret. I’ve been asking for advise from people that know their shit, mainly about how much I’ve been aching and if that’s normal. Please tell me it’s normal. Its totally my irrational side saying that, my paranoia is a thing that I live with but I work at it. Come on, what actual exercise have you done in a year, Emily? These muscles are screaming, that’s all.

as I mentioned, no photos of me working out, so this will do 🙂

I bought running trainers because of the pain. With hindsight I probably shouldn’t have started running without the right shoes but my partner and I joined the gym on a whim and we had no knowledge – still haven’t got any – on what is.. correct I suppose.

Something funny happened actually. Not Ha Ha funny, spoiler alert. Like I said, at the beginning we openly asked for advise (because something I learnt is that it’s completely okay having no clue. It really is. If you go to a gym and act like you know what you’re doing you probably won’t do anything) and so, my partner knows a lot more gym heads than I, he asked a lot of different people for tips etc. Every single person gave us different advise. Every single person would disagree with the last advise we got – passionately. Which made me realise that there isn’t a set guideline to fitness, even though all these people were so adamant at their advise. Don’t listen to the last bloke, this is what you do!

Same with diets. (I am not on a ‘diet’ but I’ve been vegetarian for nearly 3 years so that probably is my ‘diet’) (Doesn’t mean I’m healthy though). I’ve had so much advise from different people with what you should eat too, and the amount of contradicting information out there is crazy. What is the right answer? What does our body actually need? Some of them seem so unhealthy too but people follow them religiously. That being said, a lot of people think being vegetarian is unhealthy (and not just because of pizza. Pizza. How I love you. The vegetarians bacon.)

What I’m getting at is simply how bizarre it is not being taught a healthy lifestyle, and when I’m trying to find out the answers there isn’t really one. I can only assume it’s because we are all different, but that still doesn’t give me anything. The only information I was taught in school was ‘5 a day’… and now it’s changed to ‘7 a day’.. The fitness Gods have changed their minds? I personally just want some facts to distinguish fact from opinion. Someone suggested to my boyfriend to only eat lentils, couscous and chicken – is that okay?! I know he hasn’t done this despite buying the ingredients, I’m going to text him saying ‘how’s the lentils and couscous going?’

That was the thing that was ‘funny’. Those last three paragraphs. Anyway..

DSC_0431.jpg 1

This wasn’t where I expected going with my random thoughts. What I originally set out to write was how working out has positively impacted the rest of my life. (Did I mention I work out? lols). At the time of writing this I’ve come down with a pretty bad cold, but I want to get up and do stuff. For the first time I don’t want to lay in my misery and get caught up in guessing what other illnesses this cold will lead to. None of that swine flu malarkey, give me a pen and paper, just give me anything. Well, no, I can get it myself thanks. I don’t work out these leg muscles for nothing. Seriously now, it’s so much easier getting up to go the gym than I expected, and it’s proven to me how the rest of my life is like that. It is actually great. Exercise has been the baseline for stability. With that stability as a backbone to my life it has brought out the impulsive side in me. It’s put me in much more of a get up and go mind set. Just do it. OH MY GOD I FINALLY UNDERSTAND NIKE.

Moral of the story: that actually is a pretty good slogan.


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