Road trip preparations and the first failure

  • Deciding if I want to go on a road trip –  I do – CHECK
  • Plan everything or book on the way? Book on the way – CHECK
  • Cheesy notebooks?


Half way there already right?

  • Book two weeks off work – CHECK
  • Plan route – CHE...



So rental cars from France can’t go into the Czech Republic or Poland. The irony is that this plan for the road trip started with ‘should we go back to Prague?’ because that’s where we had our first holiday. Then the conversation was ‘oh, I’ve always wanted to see Auschwitz! Let’s go to Poland too.. Hey, lets have a road trip!’ then a freeze frame of a jumping high five and some American music plays while the screen fades to black.

It wasn’t a dramatic fall finding that out, we are just going to take another route and see them another time. That was the plan for a while though, so what to do?! Well, now the plan is there is no plan, we leave in 8 days. Driving and deciding with Emily and James. That’s the silver lining, we are braving it like no man plan before. It was 31 hours and 1956 miles. Gone. That route I studied, gone. Now it could be so much more or so much less. Whatever, I shrug my shoulders and act cool. I mean, Auschwitz was literally the only place my partner wanted to see.. But the night before we found this out I was showing him places we are visiting in France, Belgium and Germany, so with this excitement cushioning him the fall from grace was softer.

Randomly now, did you know that on Google street view you can visit the brothels in Prague?! I recommend checking out Sweet Paradise. Entertained me for hours.


  • Booked the cars – CHECK
  • Booked the ferry – CHECK
  • Bought deodorant – CHECK


What more, I’m going for a completely aluminium free one, so look forward to updates on my armpits. Exciting times ahead.



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