Road trip second failure and we haven’t even left yet

IMG_3605.jpg 1

As typing this, it is the night before the road trip. All these items are still displayed across my bed and I’m yet to see if it’ll all fit into my rucksack. Although it’s a road trip we won’t have a car on the ferry, we are picking up a rental in Calais, so we can’t just fill the car to the brim. We had to pack smart.

I expect there to be problems. I’m mentally prepared to not be able to find a place to sleep for the night or car troubles etc, but come on it’s the day before! I can almost laugh about it now, while my boyfriend is full on cracking up. I have spent the majority of today looking for my compact camera. This little bastard below. I know I’m not an organised person but I have a camera drawer so why wasn’t it in there?! Not in any drawer of mine, not in any bag, bookshelf, basket of wool, boxes of craft things, under my bed, underwear drawer. I spent a life time and finally I found it in a box full of old photos.

IMG_3607.jpg 1

As soon as I found him I felt so good, I was on such a high. I plugged in the battery to charge, everything was nearly finished and ready.. F**king w**k t*t. Lens won’t open. I spent all day looking and it doesn’t work. Then I spent hours trying to fix it. Nothing.

I won’t go on anymore. It annoyed me, that’s all. It’s such an old camera, it’s fine, it’s just frustrating that things seem to break all at the same time. I’m not taking my SLR so I was pretty upset. My partner has bought a new camera anyway, at 8pm. We are picking it up in the morning at 9am, then driving to Dover for the ferry.

I’m not sure how to word this without sounding like a sociopath but I’m still looking forward to more failures. I’m excited for it all. I don’t like things to be fake, I like to take things as they are and I find that thrilling. Whether things go wrong or right it’s going to be a fucking amazing trip.


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