When I’ll think of Liege I’ll think of steps

IMG_0162 1

Half an hour into our glorious drive to Luxembourg James said ‘If we crash here no one is ever going to find us. Beautiful roads though.’ Picture it, breathtaking views of forest for miles, I’m quietly writing a little post to look back on one day, and Dj Fresh Gold Dust remixed by TC is blaring through our speakers. That’s the dream right there.

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Looks like this post will be things James said today. I’ve got a few winners. Stay tuned. We made the right choice in staying in Liege, we had a cute apartment with great views in the centre of town. Shit storm getting to that point of relaxation of course, but lovely. Below is the photo of when we were desperately trying to book any hotel while the sun was setting. I think it opened James’s eyes though because he booked the next two nights already, with the help of my Mum sending a recommendation. Am I the only one not worrying?

IMG_0143 1

IMG_0147 1

Regards to yesterdays post, today I remembered when someone negatively commented that I have no sense of urgency. That was when I was 17. I suppose I still don’t, and won’t. I can see how this is difficult for those around me. I’m a mass of contradictions. I stress over irrelevant things but probably important things? I really don’t care.

He just farted again and won’t let me open the window. I just gasped in a mouthful of air to sing Pack up by Eliza Doolittle as well. And now it’s the smell of his pork scratchings, and I’m a vegetarian.

We just spotted a car with GB on the back and got so excited. He wants me to write ‘English!’ on a piece of paper and hold it up at them. Call me a spoil sport but I refused, instead he’s just going to overly mouth it at them and wave. This is the real story of a road trip.

IMG_0161 1

Are you ready for James’s commentary as we were walking up the 347 steps of Montagne de Bueren. Baring in mind we had 3 flights of spinal steps at our apartment to climb up and down too. Then up the top there were more stairs.

‘I’ve walked up enough steps today.’

‘I’ll definitely need my Belgium waffle after this.’

‘Wait a minute…’ *loads Pokemon go*

(There were houses on these stairs) ‘Imagine trying to bring a bird home and she takes one look at these steps and is like ‘Nah, forget it.”

IMG_0185 1

It occurred to me that when you go on a usual holiday it takes a few days to adjust to the local customs, and then you act like you’re a regular. With a road trip you will never adjust because you are never there long enough. France first day, Belgium second and third and driving to another country now, there’s never the time to settle in. We will constantly make mistakes and possibly come across as rude or stupid and cross the road when you’re not meant to and get confused in supermarkets. The confusion when James was buying cigarettes in Belgium was unbelievable, or when buying groceries in some places they have machines that you put your money into – the cashier doesn’t handle money. I suppose it stops anyone stealing it. I even mocked James when he started speaking French in Belgium. Few hours later worked out that they actually speak French. Along with a few other languages, Google says. He did it by mistake anyway, and when I say speaking I mean ‘bonjour’ and ‘merci’. Did I mention that there was absolutely no planning before this trip? And, I hope this isn’t too embarrassing, I didn’t even know Luxembourg was a country. Oh, the naivety.

We won’t have a chance to settle anyway, that’s not the point of a road trip. It’s interesting that when travelling no one wants to stick out like a sore thumb, everyone has a need to fit in and look local, look like they belong – that’s why English tourists will still speak English, but put on a accent. As if that’ll make them easier to understand.

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