Unpredictability of the road

I knew this day was a winner when I had three cups of tea this morning. Start the day as you mean to go on, you know? And that’s a solid start. Where I am right now is a more than a solid finish.

IMG_0245 1

Luxembourg City is breathtaking, utterly stunning. James said it’s he’s favourite country and city so far. The city is situated over a cliff and it’s just unbelievable. I think this whole country is unbelievable. As soon as we left the city suddenly the buildings had colour! Full of colour. I assume the city is beige to match the old architecture but to me it just makes it invisible and not worth looking at. Maybe that’s the point. I’m also assuming that the villages that we drove through today aren’t that old because of the war wiping everything out. I have no clue, they might be old but kept perfect.

IMG_0265 1

We drove through the country side and oh my it’s just nothing I’ve seen before. I mean, I have seen farmer fields and country lanes like what we were going down, but there’s just something different and special here. So much forest, forest forever. They also love their deer – they have their own bridges over motor ways, covered in trees and plants.

I wonder if Luxembourg is one of those places where the people never leave, like Malta. I once asked my old Maltese boss why he doesn’t, not even for holidays, and he said ‘because it’s the best country.’ There are all these people searching and travelling around to experience different cultures, and there are people out there that are satisfied with exactly where they are.

As I said a few posts ago James had booked the place we are staying in two days ago, Kautenbach. This one was recommended by my own Mum, and would my own Mum steer us wrong? No. Never. Oh, wait, what did that say when I read the email.. Bring you’re own bedding. Right. Yep. We have none of that. No refunds? Oh, okay, cool. (I’m only saying this because I know she reads my blog.) So we Googled for any sort of sporting goods place, and in desperate hope that all of Europe have the same shops, I Googled Sports Direct and Decathlon. A Decathlon was half an hour away in Belgium, so we drove to another country to buy sleeping bags. You reading this Mum? Another country!

My Mum was freaking, she just told me. As you could have gathered from my last posts, I didn’t care. It’s all cool.

IMG_0249 1

IMG_0259 1

James’s commentary;

*turns up at a beautiful village*
‘Look, bikers! I want to go have a drink with them!’

*making game car noises while driving*
‘How many points to kill the dog?’

Rather than swearing he’s started to say ‘Dusseldorf.’

Me: ‘Look, you can bring your dog!’
James: ‘I brought mine.’

‘I think we will take the short cut’ meaning over the cliff, ‘At least we will die happy.’

‘All these people checking into the pub – I’m in Luxembourg ya c**ts!’

IMG_0262 1

This. Is. So. Peaceful.

I would come here for a two week holiday in the summer. I’m currently sitting on our decking in the sun, enjoying a beer we brought from France and I don’t have many words about this place. Or many thoughts. The campsite is situated in a ravine, not far from a beautiful village.

This has blew my mind. This whole trip has blew my mind.

IMG_0217 1

We went for dinner this evening for the first time. We both feel like we have been on the road for ages and that we haven’t eaten a hot meal the whole time. We have. And its day 4. I don’t know why our bodies are feeling this, I suppose they’re constantly in use and so need the energy.  Vegetarian food here is better than England though, so more points to Europe. I feel very lucky for this whole adventure.

IMG_0267 1


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