‘You go down a hill and up a hill and you’re in Germany’

I knew the time was coming to poop in a public toilet. I’d like to thank all the festivals over the years that have helped reach this point. Do I feel like a better person? Probably not.

IMG_0276 1

We left the campsite at 10:30 and a little while later stopped at a petrol station for a coffee. Lovely little village, as are all of them, drove over a bridge and suddenly we were in Germany. Just like that. Dasburg, Google maps says. No nothing, no pizzazz, no ‘Welcome to Sevenoaks District – the home of the 2012 Olympics!!! (and don’t you forget it)’, just casual welcome to ‘Deutschland’. As James said, we wen’t down a hill in Luxembourg, and went up in Germany.


DSC_0250 1

Stopped off at Daleiden as we saw a market. I mean, it was a quick minute walk around then back in the car really. As James’s Dad said, markets are the same world wide. Something we can all bond over, a nice similarity, unlike like the first bidet of the trip! But we’ll get to where we are staying in a bit.

We looked up whether it’s rude to burp or fart in Germany, as you could have guessed James has no filter with these sorts of things. With limited internet we read a few things about it being okay, and almost rude if you don’t burp after a meal. This is the worse thing to tell him. He’ll be unstoppable! We also saw a headline about cows farts causing fires in Germany but we couldn’t click on it to find out if it’s true – so we just have to assume it is and stay clear of any cows. Safety first.

You can see how all these little villages have been built around the church. As all villages world wide I assume. There’s always a stunning church in the centre, usually with come colour which as we all know I like some colour on my building, then the houses all built round it. Then country roads, farms and hills for miles till the next one.

Seems very environmentally friendly with hundreds of solar panels and wind turbines.
We are staying in Duppach this evening, very quaint, very lovely village of 290 people. Very friendly people running this bed and breakfast, originally from the Netherlands but moved here a year and a half ago. They said that before this week they have only had 2 English groups in that time, then this week there has been 3. We had a good old natter and laugh with them over some German beer, which is my favourite beer so far. As they are from the Netherlands we were getting some recommendations from them (we also got some from the campsite) and its nice getting it from locals. We didn’t recommend where we are from..

They said they don’t get bored even though there’s nothing to do. They came from the city and just got fed up. I suppose it’s similar to when English people move to Spain. I’d much prefer this though. Glorious I tell you. To think we considered staying in Brussels when we could stay places like this.

IMG_0280 1

Added extra, there’s a bidet. No one in England actually knows what they are for. Fact. Though I do have a memory of using one in Spain as a young child after getting sand in uncomfortable places. I just can’t imagine ever getting that messy and in need of using one, and then you’ve got to dry yourself after. It’s a lot of effort. This post seems to all be about poop today.

IMG_0279 1

Thinking of the man at Dover that said ‘there’s such things as all inclusive.’ I just want to shake him and say open your eyes! You have to be delusional to come here and not be gobsmacked.

IMG_0289 1

James’s words;

‘Prüm. Could be pronounced Luxembourg with the accent, you don’t know.’

*looking at photos of the trip*
‘I should probably change my trousers at some point.’

Emily: ‘Are you looking at yourself in the mirror?’
James: ‘Yeah, it’s nice, init.’

Then a little while later
‘Come check yourself out. Hours of fun.’

IMG_0285 1IMG_0288 1IMG_0296 1


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