I never really know where we are

I’ve been listening to James speak to himself for about 15 minutes. We had virtually no internet in Duppach, which is normal apparently for these villages (and wonderful sometimes), so when we tried to log into our internet banking, although we were putting in the right details, it locked us out. He’s currently trying to sort it all out which requires a lot of speaking to yourself and me not interfering with banter.

IMG_0313 1

One of the only things we organised for this road trip was the playlist. Although we can sing along together, like right now we have All The Small Things by Blink 182, shuffle seems to be pretty fair at giving us our own songs. So James sangs his heart out at Cookie Jar by Gym Class Heroes, then I get to screech away to Numb by Marina and The Diamonds.

Strange how the music can get turned up for Children Story by Slick Rick and not Surfer Babe by Mcfly. He’s the one driving so I’ll give it to him. Problem with Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen is that you sing the music too so by the end of it you’ve lost your voice, and for some reason James didn’t sing along so I had to sing extra loud to make up for it. That’s how it works.

IMG_0305 1

Checked out of our favourite accommodation so far this morning. I learnt to moon walk there. Oh the memories. Sounds like someone taught me and we had a great laugh but no, I learnt in front of the mirror. The things you do without wifi. Wished our new biker friends a good ride, apparently the roads here and Luxembourg are famous for bikers as they’re so fun. They wished us happy travels. I really rate that place, I think once I’m back I’ll write a post of hotels I recommend staying.

IMG_0301 1

We nipped to Nurburg to have a look at the race track but because I wasn’t feeling 100% we moved onto Frankfurt. On the way we had our first experience of a German service station. It came about because my bladder was the size of a balloon and I couldn’t wait another hour. Let me give you the low down for the toilet. ’70 cent to go for a slash!’ says James, but he didn’t experience the magic when you sit down on the loo. Once you flush a bit of machinery moves out and over the toilet, it squirts something down it and the toilet seat starts spinning! I have no idea what was going on. Imagine if I flushed when I was still seated. Wish I filmed it looking back.

IMG_0308 1

New Frankfurt was a lot like Canary Wharf in London – which isn’t impressive if you see stuff like that all the time. I have a vague memory of my brother saying all cities are the same, and maybe that’s true for the modern, business parts. The history isn’t the same though, for London, Frankfurt and world wide. Therefore old Frankfurt was very nice. Only nipped around for a few hours, then back in the car for another two hours to our current location which is… No clue. Pretty little village again, this time a small hotel not a B&B. Google maps says Pillig. Nice to meet you, Pillig.

I’m doing that English thing in my head again where I don’t know how to pronounce Pillig, so I’m saying Pillage. We spoke about how you pronounce Liege at the B&B and apparently the French, Belgium, Germans all say it different. Therefore we are allowed to call it Leg-gee (it was Lie-gee but it’s changed now).

IMG_0328 1

James’s voice;

‘Even the coca cola tastes German.’

‘Beautiful when you see rape in its natural element’
*Talking about the fields of rapeseed*

*Teaching him shit in German*
‘Scheisse, English?’

‘It’s Dusseldorf party time!’

IMG_0329 1

The Europeans love a spiral staircase. I think we are learning to.


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