All the way to Dusseldorf to buy leggings from Primark

IMG_0444 1
The ‘I can’t believe we’re here’ phase has seemed to calmed down now. It’s settled in that we are in fact on a road trip and have been for a week. So much so that I’ve even had to hit myself awake sometimes and then I’m like ‘oh, yeah, shit, I’m in Germany.’ It’s so easy to settle in and accept circumstances.

I wonder how I’d react now if we couldn’t get a bed for the night, now that the holiday high is starting to wear off a little. I might be slightly more worried and less hysterical. We haven’t had that problem again though and I can’t imagine James would allow it anyway.

IMG_0425 1

We are still waking up at 7am (6am English time) and it’s turned into a routine of ours. James has even woken up first a few times – that’s mad I tell you! This might be normal for some but us in England/real life aren’t as active. We like a lay in. My parents and James’s parents will tell you the same. We are the type of people that you fake being shocked if you see us before 9am. Or even 11am. Yet neither of us want a lay in here. Maybe that’s the key to the ‘perfect life’. Live a life where you want to get up at 6am and get going.

Just got a euro coffee from Aldi and on the road to the Haribo shop. Fun fact: Haribo was founded in Bonn (where we are going) in 1920 and is a abbreviation of the founder Hans Riegal, and Bonn. All supermarkets do a wicked thing where if you recycle your glass and plastic at the supermarket you get money off your shopping. Top tip there, for anyone thinking of travelling to Germany.

IMG_0413 1IMG_0410 1

Clear skies, windows open, suddenly it started to hail and it hit me in the head. Then 2 minutes later, gone.

Road tripping seems to be a lot of trying to find the next toilet without having to buy anything. But not many places let you pee for free, if I have to buy a cake so be it. Then it’s a lot of trying to work out how to use their strange automatic machines to flush, wash or dry your hands. The female toilets are the letter ‘D’ by the way, James found that out the hard way.

IMG_0455 1

I feel like ‘old Emily’ having a notebook constantly next to me. It feels good. If I or anyone had to sum up an Emily from 16 years to 20 it would be scribbling in a notebook. Writing what was going on around her – literally, peoples conversations – and her deepest thoughts – which were mainly about death. Then that girl let go of it a little, moved to Malta for a year, had to behave (pretend) like an adult, had relationships, and dealt with mental health problems. I suppose the writing about death was a sure sign of mental health problems on the horizon. Or maybe they kept them on the horizon because it was my outlet. I think I also got too worried about being original rather than just doing it. I’m sure all my thoughts are an a culmination of things I’ve heard or read anyway, like everyone else. That’s okay though, but I put pressure on myself. So I stopped.

Anyway, looks like she’s back, baby. And although a lot less pondering about the afterlife (for now muhahahaha) it feels so good. Took me 5 nearly 6 years but I feel like I’m finding my footing again.

IMG_0436 1IMG_0461 1

We saw a Woolworths. Probably not the same thing as what I’m thinking but still worth noting. I mean, we also went around Dusseldorf and to a delicious food market. Lost the car at one point and no charged phone to help us find our way, so we stormed the streets retracing our steps with the knowledge that our parking ticket was soon to run out, but both of us forgetting the exact time. There’s just no point in being super organised is there? We both reach the same point. We both survive a road trip. We meaning us and them – the unorganised vs the organised.

Staying in Neuss in some randoms apartment from Airbnb, and probably bed early to get up at 6am. We are reborn I tell you.

IMG_0474 1IMG_0473 1


‘Here’s something you can write about – they have donor kebabs everywhere.’

‘I think this German weather is more bipolar than me.’

Emily: ‘I wonder if ‘bitter’ in German is ‘you’re welco-‘
James: ‘Scum.’

‘I’ll like to explore Dusseldorf more because it’s posh and I think I fit in here.’

We bought one of the postcards from the first photo without translating it, but wrote our own translation on the back of it. We will frame it when we get home.


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